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Oi!!! Yeah you! are you interested in my life recently? Well listen up.... or... read... whatever.

In case you actually ARE interested (which would suprise me hugely -btw is it suRprise or just suprise.? i think it has the r in it...but i may be wrong)...... oh, anyway, as i was saying. If you realy ARE interested here's a little peek into my life over the last couple of weeks.
Where do I start? I guess, like all good stories i shall start at the beginning - or for blogging purposes, the 7.6.07
My tale begins with me watching the VERY disappointing SHrek the third movie. Talk about lacking substance and making the 1st 2 movies seem like LOTR movies compared to Harry Potter movies.....wow. 
This was mid-week of my STUVAC - the week before my exams began.....
the next couple of days are very small in storytelling importance so i shall skip over them, and just doing a little summary-ing (hahaha summarising is for stupid heads)
- crazy storms in newcastle (resulting in a large ship becoming beached on Nobby's beach...i think it's name was pascha baulker, i dunno, they didn't talk about it much on the news..... MUCH)
- laura (my sister) decided she wanted to drive home from newcastle in said storm (stupidhead), with a car sick dog in the back of the car that hates storms..... see the logic in that? me too! - not (i guess she'd been planning to come home for days so yeah)
- My boyfriend decided to complate (for now), my collection of scrubs seasons - coming over to my house with a random gift of the 5th season - which laura pounced on and watched fervently.... i mean i don't see it s relevance to her life in ANY way.... its not like she's in her last year of medicine and is going to be working in a hospital for the next to years until she chooses her specialisation? Scrubs has NO relevance to her life....DUH!
- next few days = not important - 2days of shopping.... long weekend - lots of rain - marsh lands appeared in my paddocks - my horses learnt to swim - the dam filled up....i haven't seen it full since i was in year 5 during that crazy storm in wollongong.
-then blah blah, blah, got a hair cut and colour....visited nicole and she got her hair cut and HATED it - resulting in her new hair extensions ahhhahahaha. poor thing.
- got a blood test - 2 veins collapsed, so cold, didn't/couldnt give enough blood :(, haha take that pathology ppl!
- Went to a 40th birthday.....
- Went to the city
- studied.
- had exams

i swear it gets interesting soon.lots of exams....
maybe i should have started on the 26th.6.07? never mind....

- started working at Bowral Hospital. Yes working, before you're all yay caroline you got a job! hear this.... it is in my uni holidays, i don't get paid, i work full time and its a uni assignment.....did i say i DON"T GET PAID?!?!?! just checking. Anyway, i hate OTCP2 (occupational therapy clinical practice 2) already, and it hasn't started yet...(starts next semester)
Anyway, amongst making calls, organising EVERYTHING, typing up copious amounts of info and bossing around ppl, i have been getting better re: graves disease. I'm finally (last week) off the HUGE dosage of prednisone that was making me put on weight (12kg in 1 and half months) and making me look thoroughly disgusting.... and trust me, i'm still gross as i've only lost 3 of the said 12kg in the last week....did you see the photos from nicoles party? ewwwwy. i'm so huge.... i've never been this fat in my life! hahahaha nicole's party is another story! lets just say i had fun :D
Anyway, i've been working 3weeks, unpaid at Bowral, full time and I AM EXHUSTED. I am proud of how much work i have gotten done but man i'm so tired....but the doctor is still insisting i get exercise so my mum is pushing me to do swimming,.....which i did yesterday .... i came home and sat down and 2mins later i was asleep..... i was so tiredfrom a little swimming... nothing compaerd to what i used to do. i'm so unfit and my stamina is nothing compared to what it used to be..... anyway, blah blah blah.
there's more to the story but i really cannot be bothered saying the rest so i'll summary it.
- went to the powerhouse museum with ronnel and julia as we were home and bored.
- saw transformers twice.... i love the movie ahahhahha :D:D:D
- watched harry potter 5
- ate 3 kinder surprise
- ate 2 whole packets of the Ricci red lichorice 
- limited my food intake - healty substitutes etc
- lost a little weight
- my ligaments are loosening up for some reason so i am randomly cracking and dislocating joints
and decided i will soon own a bengal cat and miniature doberman pinscher..... i.e. when i have money.... one day.

confused about OT/vs Medicine
So after spending hours reading about pathophysiology, i have realised that i have a strange love for the body, what its made up of, its processes and what can go wrong. So maybe i should go for a career change.
Usually when ppl ask me what i'm doing at uni i say OT, Occupational Therapy. The person nods and goes "oh, ok" and pretends they know what the hell i'm talking about. Well, for those who do not know what OT is, here is a short definition - "occupational therapy - the therapeutic use of self-care, work, and play activities to increase function, enhance development, and prevent disabilities."
as found on an online medical dictionary or "Occupational therapy (OT) is an applied science and health profession that provides skilled treatment to help individuals develop, regain or maintain the skills necessary to participate in all facets of their lives. OT gives people the "skills for the job of living" necessary for living meaningful and satisfying lives. Services typically include:
  • Customized treatment programs to improve one's ability to perform daily activities
  • Comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations
  • Performance skills assessments and treatment
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers "

as found on the American OT site. so now you can actually understand when i say what i do. There is a big difference in what we do in comparison to PT's (physiotherapists) - although we work with them and spend a lot of time together working on the same patients we do not do anything to do with muscles other than re-training ppl skills like writing etc. Thats the thing, PT's and OT's do overlap sometimes, but its important that either one isn't stepping on the other's toes... there is a little friendly rivalry between OT's and PT's :D

Anyway, moving along, the reason i went all definition on you was because you probably think, wait a sec, isn't OT medical? of course it is silly. But we don't treat disease. We help rehabilitation after disease/trauma etc. I don't get to look at blood tests, treat sickness or prescribe medicines unless i suggest something to the Dr. I dunno. I love reading about the body and its systems and what can go horribly wrong and what to do about it etc. Maybe i shouldn't be helping ppl recover from disease/improve their quality of living, maybe i am better suited to diagnosising and treating the disease (not the after effect). It is so exciting reading about disease - autoimmune, trauma, pathogenic or physiologic.
Then, ppl see me enjoying pathophysiology and say...Caroline, why aren't you doing medicine. Then the same reply, my UAI was crap (tho i did get into my course with 9.55 UAI points to spare) and i was sick during the HSC and didn't do 2 of the english papers, excuses excuses. I would LOVE to do medicine, but the work load is too big compared to what i'm used to. Thats not really a proper reason. But OT, we have no random quizes....we have assignments during the semester (average of 2-3 per subject) and only 3 of the 4 subjects have an end of semester exam. So the work load is pretty much non-existant. But i'm settled into it, i'm surviving, my chronic fatigue has settled into the routine and i can see myself drowning in medicine. I can see myself drained of energy, constantly studying and losing sleep, having constant stress of the quizes (stress makes chronic fatigue worse) and not having enough time for me...or a job!
so, i have decided, (and will probably change my mind about 10000000000 times again), that i'll finish OT, and once i'm earning money, i'll do post grad or part time or something - then i'd be an overqualified OT or Dr! lol. only 2 more years of OT so i don't see why not, and i'll be able to do it shorter due to the subject overlap of OT and medicine....thats my rationale. lol.
I lose. I just make excuses to myself to make my fear of study, working hard and challenging myself seem like their not the real reasons why i'm not doing something that so many ppl think i would enjoy more/do better at.
Well, thats a depressing post.... enjoy. Tell me what you think i should do

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Guess what? Yesterday i got my 1st flat tyre!!

i know its nothing to be excited about but yeah :D Big milestone in driving hahaha. there was a nail/screw thing stuck in it. I called my dad and he told me to wait for the NRMA etc so they could change it. So i waited about 1hour and 15mins, got burnt on one arm (so one's a bit darker than the other now :S lol) and it took like 2minutes to change it! I could have done it! - if i'd known that i had a nut lock thing. But the funny thing is that i got the flat like 100m away from home, but i culdn't go home while waiting for the guy to come, i h ad to stay with my car.... so boringm but thank god they have solitaire on iPods!!! lol i'm so crap
 photo evidence ^^^^^^

I have now joined the ranks of 19yr olds! I got the Pink PS2 i was wishing for from my wonderful boyfriend, the 1st four adult editions of Harry potter from my padrents (and a puzzle and baby phat top), the audrey hepburn treasures and visual companion to the lord of the rings from julia and nathan.
oh, in other news....
My great-grandmother has turned 105

this happened yesterday to my sister katie. soooo terrible

Gah, in other news - i'm sick of all the work uni wants to give me.

My rant

Here is my rant:

ok on sunday i got the flu (still have) in which i couldn't let anythin touch me (not even sheets) and then i spnt one night in agony as my fever went so high that my muscles started cramping including my diaphragm (making it painful to breathe) etc
i'd been noticing since friday that one of my eyes looked wider than the other and i thougt i was inmagineing it....until everyone else said i wasn't as they could see it. so i went to the dr and he went spastic about how the illness in my thryroid (graves disease) could be causing it and how i needed to go to an endocrinologist (hormone specialist - as the thyroid controls hormones) and how i needed a CAT scan STAT ( he didn't say stat but it sounds cool)
so the endocrinologist says my eye has its own case of graves disease that can happen only in the eye or only in the throid and sometimes in both. so lucky me has both! so the fatty tissue and muscles behind my eye are getting bigger and pushing my right eye forward
my dad does the cat scan and says that there's no tumor and just the graves disease
i had to get a MEGA blood test to test for almost EVERYTHING in my blood. and i have to take MEGA dosages of prednisone to hopefully make my eye go down (tho there is not treatment they just hope it works). luckily my eyes isn't toooo noticable and i got in early
with everyone poking and prodding my eye i now have conjunctivitis in both eyes


I'm a big bowel of sickness ready to make bread: a little chronic fatigue, a dash of graves diease of the thyroid, a little exopthalomas (the eye thing), one cup of flu, and 2 teaspoons of conjunctivitis.

wooo what a wonderful week. I have 2 days left of this nightmare week.....what else can happen?

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Ronnel and i have recently achieved the 3 and a half years mark - and the funny thing is that it doesn't seem that long and i can see us being together for so much longer than that.
I have been pretty stressed with uni and the fact that in the year and watever since school finished, i have seen my friends about 4 times. rose and jen jen about 7-8 and nicole about 3 times. Plus i get a phone call from nicole saying shes in australia and i fnid out that she's at a club celebrating alex's birthday .... "do wanna talk to paul?"or basically everyone of your friends from high school who have forgotten you and as a result all went out partying and the one person who hasn't been in the country for the last yr remembered tyo call you and accidently rubbed in their faces how much they have abandoned you after they find out you're in your pjs over 100km away at home sitting and watching crappy movies on the tv. Wow i cried a bit after that. considering i thought that the whole abandonment from my 1st high school friends was compensated by all my great friends at my new school - wow i was totaly wrong, it turns out i really don't have any friends and if i ever get married about 10people outside of family will be invited due to my total lack of friends - i guess that loweres the reception price.
Wow i was thinking of going out for my birthday when i realized that out of the people i want to go, 3 want go bcoz they don't drink, i won't go bcoz she doesn't dance/doesn't like the idea of clubs, about 5-6 wont go becase they don't like rnb, 1 won't be in the country, plus the about 10others who don't want to go because they either don't like me/ or they "aren't friends with my friends". wow that narrows it down to my boyfriend and sister and her boyfriend - who all have to go. Man i feel oved.
If you want to go to my birthday thing tell me and ask my other friends bcoz if no-one really does care i wont bother putting in time figuring out the logistics of something that will end up not happening.
Anyway if anyone really cares, an email would be nice, or telling other people who are meant to me my friend to get in contact with me.
Ta Ta

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comment with your results

another whinge-fest
Alas i am yet again in the uni library listening to my iPod and whinging. I have read books, done crosswords shopped and eaten during all my breaks yet i am still soooo bored and it gets monotonous. I wish i could just go home. I hate that its like i'm stuck here and that makes me soooo impatient and i swear it feels like i need to be somewhere else or like i've forgotten something - i just can't relax etc...WA WAAA WAAAAAAA. i am so pathetically annoying.

My 1st visit to pretty and twisted today. It was surprisingly more normal than i expected....or am i more pretty/twisted than before? hmmmm thats a question. Anyway i like many things....esp some shoes ooooo they make me happy to see and touch. Like the soooooper (yes sooper not super) nice red pumps with the white ribbon around them and the pink and black ones.....*sigh*

i spent a crazy amount of money on textbooks today. I swear if it weren't for them being compulsory in uni's the text books would be 50% or at least 25% cheaper. SO unhappy....i could have spent that money on something more important than "important learning material" - ie those shoes....or a myriad of paraphenalia from borders..... NOTE: anyone who want to give me gifts.....give me insane amounts of gift vouchers to the temple of Borders. I want mokney!money i say!.... technically its not money but at least you know what i'm using the money for. I want to buy stationary, biography books, fiction books, japan inspired books, princess driaries books (i know...) and many others!

only one hour to wait..... i've done the 1st four.
Much love

Uni life so far
I know that this is totally random but i'm bored at uni and i'm sick of waiting! I have to wait 5hours between classes on tuesday, 4 today and tomorrow and this is only my 1st week!
gahhh desperately in need of brain/mind/conversational stimulation. My IQ is lowering as i write this. Rain outside is real heavy and tha sky is like soooo black ah ha (goofy noise...as in goofy from disney).

anyhoo ta ta.....
P.S. Any sugestions as to how i can waste those hours productively.....i'm all ears (figure of speach, because frankly if i was all ears, it'd be waaaayyy freaky!)

i don't know if i told you but, hey i only found out on monday, i'm going to a wedding. I dont know anyone there, just kayleigh - then again she only knows the bride
so we're in the same boat. It promises to be romantic and lovely. I can't wait - 1. i am kayleigh's "partner" (and we'll have to say we're 'just friends' to everyone). 2. its a wedding, and i can rave to my boyfriend of over 3 yrs how wonderful it is and how i can wait for it to happen to me (lets hope he doesn't get a heart attack!)
Anyway, tell me any interesting things about weddings you've been to.


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